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Umbrella Insurance

Life is full of unexpected moments. Umbrella insurance helps cover the risks we don't see coming. Learn what umbrella insurance is and how it can protect your financial assets.

What is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Often referred to as a PLUP, these policies provide a bank of funds that can be used when your liability exceeds your insurance limits for other types of insurance. This is most frequently used to cover personal injury claims that exceed auto policy limits.

Catastrophic Personal Injury

In the event of catastrophic damage that exceeds your policy limits, which typically occur in situations like death or permanent disability, umbrella coverage can cover the excess and often pay for an attorney to defend the portion of the claim which exceeds your insurance policy. This most frequently arises from auto accidents in which you are liable.

Defense Fees and Other Protections

Umbrella policies can assist in paying for defense in other liability situations where your auto, business, or homeowner's policy has reached its limit and in some unique case. These may include:

Obtaining the Correct Coverage

Financial risk is unique, and your coverage should reflect your lifestyle and assets. The best way to ensure the correct amount and type of coverage you obtain is to visit an agent at Legacy Insurance Agency LLC and discuss your options.

Exclusions, Reduced Liability, and Other Concerns

Umbrella coverage is not a catch-all for all things not covered by other forms of insurance. It includes exclusions and details coverage the same as all other forms of insurance. Review your policy language and exclusions with your Legacy Insurance Agency LLC representative to be sure you understand how your coverage works.

If you choose to reduce your automobile liability coverage as a result of umbrella coverage, be mindful that you will want to increase or add under-insured (UIM) and uninsured (UM) coverage to your policy to keep your family protected.

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